Price formation.

The cost of the material in the program is calculated on the basis of its cost. Cost of stores for each price band material. Price in the directory is stored in the currency indicated on the form of the material.

Correspondence of the price and color groups configured in customizing colors, give an example of setting.

Setting the color of the "Profile" (Figure 1)


Setting prices for the color of the "Profile" (Figure 2)


From the figures it is clear that, for example for color article "Profile" (which bind to the card material to the frame / sash / impost, etc.) for each price group specify the purchase price.

For example, for the element of accessories it can look like. color Settings


material settings


Each group has a material factor margins, which formed the basis of the selling price of the material.


Selling price of the material is Price * Price coefficient purchasing procurement.

With regard to the specification of the account figure 2 the price (purchasing price and selling price). Prices in the database are stored in the base currency of the program, which is set in the Administration menu - Settings - Pricing. Currency translation from the material in the base currency is the moment of saving products on the basis of the exchange rate on the date of the material document. History exchange rate is adjusted in the menu Directories - Currencies.

Amount of the account at cost = (sum of the cost of materials for the purchase price included in the bill in the base currency) * (rate specified in the invoice).

Amount of the bill on the selling price = (sum of the cost of the materials included in the bill in the base currency at cost) * (ratio of material mark-up) * (factor of the product) * (rate specified in the invoice).

Currency in the account is kept for reference only, the basis for calculation is the only course of the currency specified on the invoice. If you change the currency program sets the course of the reference currencies, which can be changed in the document.

The cost of accessories, works and products, as well as the amount of the bill (including charges) are displayed in the currency of the account with the specified rate.

Table Covers (Figure 2) have the ability to upload the price in Excel. This allows you to quickly fill in the purchase prices from suppliers in the usual interface. You can upload all the materials, and a folder of materials. For this purpose, Upload and Download button in the upper left corner.

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The new service from MI-Soft for desktop can:

1. Simplify the mechanism for updating settings from dealers (remote departments).
2. Facilitate dealers (remote department) to send requests to the central office.
3. Create a news feed from the manufacturer to the dealer for efficient information on promotions, etc.

Here, too, everything is quite simple and convenient. Manufacturer unload settings specifies that these settings should go to the "Cloud Mi-Soft". Service will automatically control the current version of the settings at the dealer and at a time can be understood - of the dealers who work on old, not current settings.

The service has built-in alarm dealer that the settings are updated. In the main program window appears when you start the corresponding icon indicator with a proposal to update the settings. When you click on it the settings are automatically updated to the latest version.

This functionality is currently available free of charge in a test mode and is included in the IT Design from version

2. Sending requests to the central office.

Now, to send a packet of orders in the central office, dealer or manufacturer just select the option "Cloud MI-Soft" to send orders to the manufacturer. And orders will automatically be delivered to a central location without the need to use e-mail or removable media.

Such easy connection with the manufacturer has not yet been!

3. news Feed.

All requests and comments to submit to the Technical Support Department at the address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

User’s Guide to the cloud MI-Soft

See also "Business class dealer"

The main part in the commercial company’s activity is providing the sales channels with the production.

It’s very important because if there are no sales there is no money. The big companies put their stake on the dealership sector, attracting them with their production’s quality and price.

The number of dealers is increasing, the production processes are optimized, the capacity is more than enough to provide the filling of orders. Thank to close work with the material suppliers  product prices remain competitive, but  in such, as it would seem, simple chain link as shipping from stock a very serious point appears.

Working in the production of translucent structures we have identified a range of problems with which managers have to face. The most significant and obvious problem is the large proportion of direct materials waste which comes to 10%.

Module preliminary optimization of materials for IT designer window.


Again, fresh developments concerning relations manufacturer and dealer of windows. The use of cloud technologies, which we discussed in a recent article, you can add new features to the familiar basic versions.

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